Apple TRees

Where to plant

Apples trees grow best in fertile sandy loam soils, but will tolerate some clay soils. The soil must have good drainage; a gentle slope is ideal and at least 6-8 hrs of full sun.


How to plant

Remove the tree from the pot before planting and spread the roots. When you are ready to plant the tree, dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots without bending them. The hole should be deep enough so the entire root system will be in the ground with the graft union 2-3 inches above the final soil level. Fill the hole using the soil that was removed, gently pack it to ensure good root – soil contact. Water in well.


Water and Mulch

Water regularly throughout the season, about 1-2 inches weekly.

Mulch around the tree about 3-4 inches thick and 1-2 inches away from

the trunk. This will help to prevent weeds and hold moisture in. Stake the tree for at least the first season until the roots have established, this may take a little longer because an apple tree has shallow roots.



A few weeks after planting apply a light application of nitrogen fertilizer around the drip line of the tree (follow directions on label). It is important to keep weeds from the base of the tree, because they will compete for water and nutrients.


Disease Control

It is important in the first half of the growing season, and possibly again late season. Apply a fungicide at regular intervals in spring just as growth starts and especially after it rains. Timing and coverage are very important for fruit production. Also apply a dormant application in late winter or early spring.


Pest Control

The first application of an insecticide should be applied when about 75% of the blossoms have fallen. Do not apply insecticide while blossoms are in bloom, you can kill beneficial insects needed to pollinate the flowers. A second insecticide spray will be needed within 7-10 days. Another treatment will not be needed for about 25-30 days. You will need to resume insecticide sprays again in early July, about every 10-14 days to prevent insects that directly infect the apples.



Concern - Copper Soap Fungicide

Lime sulfur Spray

Bonide Complete Fruit Tree Spray



Malathion Insect Control

Dursban Insect Control



B.t – Bacillus thuringiensis

Concern Insect Killing Soap

All Seasons Dormant Oil Spray