Summer Watering Tips

watering plant tips.jpg

Most new summer plantings will require watering daily, gradually cut back your watering schedule over time

To reduce watering needs work organic matter into your soil & cover  exposed soil with mulch

Consider utilizing rain barrels at the base of gutters to capture free water

Have Fun with Miniature Gardening!

Recently, we had a lot of fun making some examples of miniature gardening for a TV segment on Living with Amy.  You can watch our segment here to learn more about miniature gardening.  We sell everything used to make our samples and even the samples themselves are currently for sale at our Green Bay location! 

We are also running a Facebook contest to win a $50 Miniature Gardening Shopping Spree at Ivy Trails, Green Bay now through June 13th.  Enter by following the directions on our Facebook page! 


What to do in the snow?

If you're looking around at all the snow outside and feeling anxious about getting behind on your spring gardening, here's a few things you can do while you are waiting for the snow to melt.  

  • Test your soil
  • Start desired seeds indoors under lights 
    • It's a great time to seed herbs & flowers.  Stop by our Green Bay location to browse seeds, purchase soil and ask our experts for seeding tips. 
  • Clean, sharpen & grease garden tools
    • Prepare your tools for the workload ahead.
  • Give your houseplants some love and fertilizer
    • Transfer root-bound houseplants to a slightly larger container.
 Pictured above is a root-bound Spider Plant in need of a larger container.  

Pictured above is a root-bound Spider Plant in need of a larger container.